Today's IP world is more connected, integrated, and collaborative than ever before. In the US, the smartphone design patent litigation between Apple and Samsung has piqued great interest in the valuation of IP right. Recent PTAB ruling on CRISPR patents has attracted considerable attention of investors in the biotech and pharmaceutical industry. From the rise of IP threats on a global scale coming from patent trolling, the worldwide IP community has pushed for collaboration in the market place. R&D and IP would work more seamlessly together in mitigating risks if driven by forefront technological innovation. In view of the wide range of challenges company leaders are faced with, time and money should be keenly invested to strengthen their portfolios, in order to ultimately avoid litigation, costs and compromises to security. A strategized high-tech patent portfolio should be critically important to the business, protecting the highest revenue products, services and critical technologies. To leverage IP value, a solid understanding of what that value is, and exploration on how to monetize IP should be zealously guarded. In order to ensure that valuation methods are implemented properly, risks must be identified and potential roadblocks are addressed. This IP seminar is tailored to focus on strategies to increase the value of and safeguard IP portfolio through innovation and enhanced protection techniques.

CFRED is delighted to co-organise the conference with United States-China Intellectual Property Institute (USCIPI) and Asia Innovation and IP Society (AIIPS). We are pleased to have renowned experts share their insights and experiences in the conference. Attendance is free of charge but is reserved on a first-come-first-served basis. 

We look forward to welcoming you at CUHK Faculty of Law.

Prof. Robin Huang, Executive Director of the Centre for Financial Regulation and Economic Development (CFRED), CUHK

Prof. Jyh-An Lee, Director of the Centre for Financial Regulation and Economic Development (CFRED), CUHK