In many constitutional courts of new and emerging democracies, especially in countries that have gone through recent democratic constitutional change, there arises a judge that is individually dominant and charismatic, and that has a great deal of influence on the course his or her court, and sometimes his or her country, takes. We call this judge a towering or heroic judge. While towering judges have been part of the global judicial landscape for a long time, not enough scholarly attention has been given to them as a unique phenomenon to date.

By inviting participants from a range of jurisdictions, including newer and developing democracies, such as, Hong Kong, India, Nepal, South Africa, Hungary, Singapore, and Israel as well as well- established democracies like the United States, Canada, and Australia, we hope to generate rich comparative insights into the phenomenon of towering judges that can be used to inform the strategies and jurisprudence of judges across the developing world. The conference aims to achieve greater understanding of how these judges emerge, what their effects are on their societies, and how they can be conducive to making their societies more resilient to serious political upheavals.

All are welcome.

Conference on Towering Judges, 25 - 26 January 2019, The CUHK Graduate Law Centre, 2/F, Bank of America Tower, Central, Hong Kong. Details & registration: