We are delighted to welcome you to the 2014 annual conference of the European China Law Studies Association (ECLS) hosted by The Chinese University of Hong Kong. The aim of this conference is to bring together academics, professionals, policy makers, and others, to reflect on and advance the broad themes of law-making, law enforcement, and access to law in China, from a variety of perspectives.

This conference is the first ECLS annual conference to be held outside Europe, since the ECLS was founded in 2006. Though distance matters much less in a globalized world, this conference has the benefit of geographical proximity to the legal system and tradition that constitutes the ECLS's primary academic interest. We hope that this conference will provide an excellent forum for the exchange of ideas, as well as a platform for the development of research collaboration.

Hong Kong is one of the world's greatest cosmopolitan cities, and this conference is convened in a culturally rich part of Hong Kong. We hope that you will also have an opportunity to explore and indulge during your stay in Hong Kong. Enjoy the culture and warm hospitality that the world city of Hong Kong has to offer!

We look forward to meeting you during the conference!

Sincerely yours

Christopher Gane
Simon F.S. Li Professor of Law
Faculty of Law, CUHK
Chao Xi
Associate Professor
Faculty of Law, CUHK
Flora Sapio
Research Assistant Professor
Faculty of Law, CUHK