OVERVIEW: Recent events and trends – including the global financial crisis and the growth of the Chinese economy – have brought to light limitations of and problems in theories and methods of financial regulation. These range from tradition problems of lobby influence to ideological bias and structural flaws inherent in the nature of the rule of law itself as it governs financial transactions. This conference will take these problems as its focus. Four prominent experts will present keynote papers, joined by a number of invited principal speakers and papers selected from this call.

The conference will seek to explore the following topics:

  • Asian financial development and the 'Washington Consensus'
  • Bailouts, rescues, bail-ins and living wills in the financial industry
  • Lobby power over making laws, rules and market structure
  • The law and politics of monetary policy in a global financial system
  • Industry capture of financial regulators
  • Role of law in constituting the financial industry
  • Problems of Self-regulation in standard setting (LIBOR and FX fixes)
  • State owned enterprises in and connected with the financial system